Cookies Policy

General information: 

When consulting the website, cookies are dropped on your computer. They permit us to keep infomations concerning your navigation on the website, information about your booking process and details useful for the creation of your journey. They also help us to understand consumer’s behavior on our website and improve your experience.

Cookies only contain text, which is confidential and mostly crypt. never keeps personal data in a cookie.

 What is a cookie? 

Cookies are small secured text files generated by websites you visit and keep data that can be used. Those data are kept through your navigation in order to analyze the way you interact with the website. They cannot execute codes nor used to access your computer. In the case of crypt cookies, only the website can access the information contained.


2 types of cookies exist: temporary and permanent.

Temporary cookies are used during your session. They are automatically erased when your explorer closed.

Permanent cookies stock information that can be used for further visits on the website, to recognize you as a client for example. Those permanent cookies have a long-term value defined by the website and can vary from several minutes to a couple of years.

 Why do we use cookies?

 Cookies are used to keep information of your visit and make sure all your booking process is registered and control that you are connected.

Some cookies as Google Analytics’ permit us to understand your interaction with the website and bring us precious data to improve our products and services.

Other cookies are used for advertising to propose targeted offers. Those cookies do not stock any personal data.

 Deactivating and deleting cookies:

All web explorers offer a possibility to deactivate or delete cookies in the options and setup of your explorer.  To do so, you can get to the help center of your explorer which will inform you of the different steps to follow.

Cookies are text files you can open to read their content. Data contained can be crypt and correspond to a web session which have sense only for the concerned website.

 Deactivating cookies can generate navigation issues and problems on

Contact us by phone at this number +596 (0) 596 65 51 51 if you face such problems.